Men and Flowers

There is just something about a man holding flowers. Many of my favorite pictures are of the groom lending a hand with the bouquet. Sometimes it happens naturally, the groom carries the bouquet for his bride so she can navigate her dress. At other times the photographer encourages the moment. Either way, I highly recommend giving men flowers. They are usually caught off guard and their face is genuinely lit up with delight.

No matter how it happens, I love a man with flowers.

Magic makers…listed left to right.

Photographer: Kelly Carey Photography
Venue: Granite Ridge Estate (venue not pictured)
Planner: Pinch Me Planning

Photographer: Megan Emilia Photography
Venue: Private residence on Lake Champlain, Vermont

Photographer: Melissa Mullen Photography
Venue: Oxbow Brewing

Photographer: A. Fogarty Photography
Venue: Private residence on Long Island, Maine
Planner: Pinch Me Planning

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