Meet Lindsay

The short version:

Girl loves flowers. Girl grows up and works in fundraising. Woman rediscovers her love of flowers. Yellow Twist.

Hello. I'm Lindsay.

Hello. I'm Lindsay.

Proud to be a Chapel Designer.

Proud to be a Chapel Designer.

Photo by  Amanda Dumouchelle .

The long version:

Each and every holiday growing up I received flowers. I loved to play with them, taking them apart, rearranging, seeing how long each bloom could last. When eighth grade career day was announced I told my mother I would be going to the flower shop because one day I would have my own.

In college and beyond I would find myself working in flower shops. Then a career as a development director of fundraising events grabbed my attention. I loved it, but started to long for more creativity. A friend got married and trusted me with her flowers. I fell back in love – the same kind I felt in eighth grade. After many years working with flowers on the side I went for it and opened Yellow Twist out of my home in Pittsburgh. I also decided to see what formal training looked like and completed a floral design certificate at Phipps Botanical Conservatory. It was fascinating to learn the history of flowers, become familiar with formal techniques and meld them together with my own design philosophy. I also finished a master’s degree in Multimedia – focusing on graphic design. I get a lot of inspiration from print. I am grateful that I know where I’m supposed to be.

My mind clears when working with flowers.

Yellow Twist is an in-home studio. I meet clients at a location that is most convenient to them. Planning a wedding or special event is hectic enough - let’s keep this part relaxed, easy and effortless (for you! I'm going all-in with the flowers).  I meet with clients because we both need to make sure we fit and our style ideas are well-matched. The number of clients I work with is limited and small to ensure that I can throw myself into each event, never sacrifice attention to detail, and provide a personal approach.

I like to design things that are fresh and timeless. Arrangements that showcase the beauty and grace of the flowers by allowing them to stay natural. I believe in letting flowers show off and do the work. I believe flowers are a way to add, not only beauty, but personality to your event. They should be an expression of you, your style, your relationship, your history and future. I work to find the best way to express your unique relationship and honor the special experiences and people that are part of it.

Lush, fresh, full of movement – a twist here and there.

My passion for art and design helps me enhance the beauty of the flowers by playing with textures, colors, shapes, scale, negative space, and location. My inspiration comes from my clients, the flowers, but also the everyday things – I am always looking at things differently.

The goal of Yellow Twist Studio is to reduce waste – money, time, natural resources. I source as locally as possible and order only what I need for each event.

The studio is located in Southern Maine (this New England girl has come home!), but I have been a part of celebrations in many states. I have a GPS and a passport and am always up for travel!

Let’s talk. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions. I am always excited to meet clients and hear about their special events and vision. We meet wherever you are. After the consultation I will write up a proposal and description of services and the vision for the event, including some sample images (think Pinterest). We make sure we are on the same page, seeing the same vision – color, design, etc. It stays simple.

I just like flowers. And I like to find ways to add personal touches and details to each arrangement.  My advice is to pick flowers that make you smile, colors you enjoy (you don’t have to limit yourself to two), and let that natural and wild beauty of the blossoms shine through – this yields the best results and the most memorable style!

That's the twist.